ChronoBook is a minimalist daily planner for iPad and Apple Pencil where each day is represented in AM and PM and you plan your activities around the clock, make notes, sketches and scribbles. It's a day-planner, mind-map and scribbly notes all in one.


Typical day planners have lost the freedom to express yourself, by trying to define your life in small boxes, but life does not conform on boring lines of a grid on the typical day planner, our lives is not always contained in a grid. We will always have to write something outside the lines. There's never enough space for your life.

Enter ChronoBook: This day-planner bravely remove all the rigidity of a typical day-planner and start fresh with an idea.

It frees up clutter typical of daily planners, by embracing the analog notion of representing time by putting an analog clock in the middle of the page.

The clock occupies just a small amount of space, where you can plan your activities around the clock, make notes, sketches and scribbles. The rest is completely flexible.

Each page represents either AM or PM, and you write your plans like a dial of a clock, it is very easy, simple, but yet effective. Focus on the individual tasks of the day, rather than being forced to engage with every calendar day.

It's intuitively organized, it's the simplest clear definition of what a day planner is all about.

Like an analog clock, the relationship between projects and tasks gives you a sense of better control of the time, and easily visualize allotment of time and how relates in the day.

And there's something special about seeing your plans layered out in the wheel and how it relates to your day. It gives you a sense of better control of your time.

This is the only planner you would need!

Create multiple ChronoBook Notes

Tap in the plus button to create a new ChronoBook Note. Tap on the name to rename the ChronoBook Note collection. You can have multiple notes on each ChronoBook collections

Share or Export multiple ChronoBook Notes

You can share all your ChronoBook Notes via Email, iMessage, AirDrop or send directly to the Printer

Manage your ChronoBook Notes

Long tap a note or multiple notes to move it all around. Drag it to the left to delete it. Drag it to the right to share it.

Pen, Marker Pen or Fineliner

Long tap the pen to show all the available pen options and multiple color choices. Use the eraser for erasures, or just tap the undo button. Cut the image using scissors, or use a ruler for a perfect straight and rounded lines.

Import from Camera, Emojis, Shapes or existing Photos

Add existing photos or take a shot from a camera to your plan, decorate and highlight points with emojis and shapes.

Choose your ChronoBook style

Select from 6 different colors such as black, blue, green, orange, teal and purple. Expressing your day is never boring.


Share your ChronoBook notes via email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Imgur and AirDrop. Save it to your Camera Roll, copy to other apps or print it directly to your printer.

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